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Academia europaea

Academia Europaea brings together the world’s scientists and scholars from all disciplines who are experts and leaders in their respective subject areas. It is an international, non-governmental association founded in 1988, with nearly 3500 members, including winners of the Nobel Prize and many other prestigious awards.

The office of Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub for the Central and Eastern European region aims at supporting scientists, establishing and strengthening relations between foreign and local researchers, as well as mobilising and internationalising local scientific institutions. It provides independent and impartial advice to the European institutions, governments and international agencies on matters relating to science, scholarships and academic life in Europe, wherever appropriate for its expertise. The Academy encourages the highest possible standards in research and education. It promotes a better understanding by the general public of the benefits of knowledge and science that affect their standard of living.

Akademia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub

Akademia Europaea

On the photo, Professor Arkadiusz Wójs, Head of the Wrocław Knowledge Centre, with Piotr Czekierda, Rector of Leonardinum College.

Partnering with Leonardinum

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