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Master lectures

In Autumn 2021 Leonardinum College is to launch a series of Master Lectures. This initiative will rely on the partnership with Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub, Zajezdnia History Centre (Wrocław-based historical institution specializing in the 20th c. Central European political transformation) and it will bring the students into contact with outstanding scientists and scholars, leaders of culture and society, and prestigious award-winners (including Noble Prize Winners). The Lecture series is intended to address the most pressing questions of the first half of the 21st century.

The Students at Leonardinum will host outstanding scientists, scholars, leaders of culture and society and prestigious award-winners (Noble Prize included).

Professor Tadeusz Luty at Leonardinum gives Master Lectures in physicochemistry and sits at the School Board

Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub

Zajezdnia History Centre

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